Helping GenX Badasses to get off the couch, eat responsibly, create the life they love and add years to their lives!

GenXers survived second hand smoke, rode bikes without helmets, played outside until dark, traveled cross country without wearing seatbelts (well I know I did), rode in the back of trucks and were the human tv remotes too. We may have less days ahead of ourselves, but we can make them the best days.


What if I could show you a simple tool that could increase your energy, give you laser sharp focus, improve your health, stay active and just help you feel overall positive & optimistic?

All good things right??

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To Take Massive Action In... Creating The Life You Love

Discover who you were born to be

Find out your true passions

Build your self-esteem

Let go of past mistakes and accept yourself

Break free from crippling self-doubts

Embrace your individuality

Love yourself

Find your life purpose

Show the world the real you

Live authentically

Create the Life You Love


It’s not the goal that matters in the long run. It’s the systems you use to achieve it. And those systems, ladies, and gentlemen, are your habits.

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"Dane is a life coach that truly cares about your success. He is a positive coach that will guide you to a healthier lifestyle and then will not stop there, but will help you sustain that lifestyle. He will help you set reasonable goals and help you attack them. Dane personally helps you through each workout with advice and encouragement. Dane is very passionate about what he does and he will give you that gentle push you need to be the best person you can be."

- Christy Hewitt

"I cannot imagine a fitness professional more dedicated to improving the lives of others than Dane Boyle. His compassion and energy shine through in all his efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles. Whether it's one person at a time or on a larger scale, Dane shares his knowledge of and enthusiasm for helping people understand how being active, eating well, and living life."

- H. Michelle Maloney
Acquisitions Editor At Human Kinetics

"It would be my honor to be your coach”, he honestly means it. You won’t find anyone more positive, motivating, uplifting, or encouraging. He genuinely believes in you, even when you don’t. Dane provides the support you need while holding you accountable to ensure your success. He’s always there when you need him. If you need help achieving your wellness goals, look no further."

- Dionne Garner
Dionne Garner Nutrition LLC

Dane Boyle Life Strategist

Imagine a school teacher. A successful teacher does more than teach a standard curriculum to new students every day. The most impactful teachers get to know their students well. They understand each student's unique learning curve and are able to address their individual challenges.

One day you may find yourself juggling life’s issues. Knowing your coach will be there for you for all aspects of YOUR journey means peace of mind just when you need it most.

The relationship you’ll have with Dane, will help you embrace the crap while you create the life you love.

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